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Cosmopolitanism + Culture


a radio feature produced by Michael Shirrefs

What role do artists and intellectuals play in the debate over displaced peoples? Cultural theorist Nikos Papastergiadis and artist and performer David Pledger have been trying to figure this out for many years.


Both Nikos and David approach the subject of refugees, and our collective response to the ongoing drama, from different sides. But the questions they ask are very similar.


So this week on Creative Instinct, the artist and the academic look at how we got to this place, and why the events of Tampa and 9/11 drove such a divisive wedge between ‘the political’ and ‘the intellectual’ in Australia.

Listen to the program here …

Creative InstinctCosmopolitanism + Culture

Nikos Papastergiadis

David Pledger



Michael Shirrefs, Producer

John Jacobs, Sound Engineer

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