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Flying Virtuosi

A tiny plane, loads of heart and the finest music in the most remote outback locations. Musician and pilot John Morrison flies world-class violinist Ian Cooper and virtuoso pianist Ambre Hammond around the top end of Australia.

Ships That Sail The Air

There’s a long tradition, or maybe many long traditions, of ships that sail the sky. They’ve been turning up in different parts of the world for around 1000 years. Two of these ancient magical vessels are particularly intriguing: the Broighter Boat from Ireland and the Ales Stenar from Sweden.

Counihan’s Cage

The story of Noel Counihan and his role in the ‘free speech’ fights is an important one because it continues to bring into focus our ideas of what constitutes an egalitarian society and what it means to have a ‘fair go’.

Archive Fever

Australia is leading the world in a new approach to archives. It is challenging traditional archivists to embrace a more multilateral approach, one which suggests many versions of the past. But what does this mean archives are about to become?

The Last Whale

This is the story of the end of whaling in Australia. It’s also the beginning of Greenpeace International and Australia’s first big direct action environmental campaign. And it’s a story of a group of whalers who went from being whale killers to whale lovers.