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Front Foot | Back Beat

Front Foot | Back Beat is a public dance collaboration that brought together a diverse range of people to create a new dance work. The project is the third in a trilogy of dance initiatives, under the guidance of dancer and community artist Samara Cunningham, combining trained and untrained dancers, across a range of ages and abilities.

Dance Hall

Dance Hall is a dance lab experiment, drawing together five professionally trained dancers from South Gippsland in Victoria, each with different backgrounds and histories, to create a new work—a dance sketch—all in the space of six weeks.

Action Station

Action Station is the second in a series of community dance projects, which matched a group of professional artists with a diverse range of community members, of all ages and skill levels, to collectively create an original and distinctive dance work.

Fill The Void

On a cool August night 2021, in the midst of rolling COVID-19 lockdowns, a magical thing happened. A small group of performers managed to stage a performance in a small, rural hall. Against a backdrop of pandemic fear and isolation, this was a strange and wonderful thing to occur.

An end to discord

Music is music, right? But through the middle of the 20th Century, our evolving appetite for innovation took us on some pretty weird detours, especially in the world of classical music. So, in the midst of all this, what happened to the familiar tradition of tonal composition?

Marsha Mehran: An open verdict

I was commissioned to record interviews for a radio documentary, broadcast on Ireland’s RTÉ Radio 1 program Documentary On One in 2016. The program looked at the tragic story of the Iranian born writer, Marsha Mehran, who inexplicably in a small cottage on the West Coast of Ireland in 2014, alone and in deep poverty.

Southern Sun, Aegean Light—The poetry of second-generation Greek-Australian poets

What does it mean to be a second generation Greek-Australian? How clear is your sense of identity and of belonging? Against the backdrop of Greece’s rich history of language and ideas, there’s been a great modern tradition of writing from across the Greek diaspora. Southern Sun, Aegean Light is a diverse collection of poems from second generation Greek-Australians.