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How To Henry a short story by Lyn Gallacher That morning Henry Harold Evans sat in his favourite office chair, in front of his favourite coffee mug and took out his coloured crayons. He laid them out carefully alongside the Blueprint for Reform of the Australian Government’s Administration of Justice. It was a big document. It would take a [...]
Firing The Canon

Sometimes find myself thinking not just about the books but the connections between the books. Take Australian fiction for instance, what actually is the link between a handful of novels and the national subconscious?   ABC Radio National’s The Book Show is about to broadcast a series of programs called ‘Five Classic Australian Novels’. The […]

It Talks an essay by Lyn Gallacher Take a glimpse inside this radio station. It’s fictional but typical. It’s called DEF Radio and it broadcasts nationally on the AM band which, as everyone knows, is dying. Like most media organisations on the wrong end of technology DEF plans to extend its audience by using the internet but [...]