A multimedia, multi-platform world is meaningless without good content.


Squawk Studios is a production house for world-class material—radio, video, music, print and online.


It’s an environment for the creation of documentaries and features; ideas and opinions; research and analysis; creativity and depth.


With more than 50 years combined experience, Lyn Gallacher and Michael Shirrefs come with a pedigree of documentary-making from one of the World’s most respected venues for serious media—ABC Radio National.


The multi-awarded duo have been conceiving, developing, and creating long-form radio features for many years. Their unrivalled skills in sound, vision and the written word have taken them across the globe.


Their work crosses multiple disciplines—culture, politics, social history, science and religion. Michael comes from the world of art and music, while Lyn’s background is literature.


But good features require more than just good ideas. There is a real art to communicating complex stories to a wide audience.


Whether it’s in the sound design of a radio feature, the rapport of a good interview, the efficiency and eloquence of strongly written words, or the skill of perfect visual or sonic composition—Lyn and Michael have experience in abundance.


In a world where technologies and media platforms come and go in the blink of an eye, good content is always good content.