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Five Lose Timmy


Five Lose Timmy was one of the myriad indie bands that roamed the venues of Melbourne in the 1980s. Over a period of 3 years, the band performed dozens of support and headline gigs at places like The Old Greek Theatre, The Prince of Wales, The Punters Club.

Five Lose Timmy’s time in the Melbourne scene culminated in the release of their EP, titled Really Very Thrilling, launched at the grungy and much-loved music venue The Tote, in the heartland of Collingwood. The record gained substantial radio airplay, partly because the publicity copies of the EP were delivered in pizza boxes with the tail of a dog poking out of the hole in the lid. Tasty!

The 4 piece band’s name was meant to be the title of a ‘missing’ Enid Blyton book about the Famous Five, with the ‘missing’ Timmy being the childrens’ dog. The band members were Lyn Sendy—bass, Guy Smithers—guitar/vocals, Mark Loveday—lead vocals, and Michael Shirrefs—drums/vocals. A crucial part of tthe team was the extraordinary Garry Havrillay, who was both the live sound tech, and also the band’s studio sound engineer/producer.

All tracks can be heard/downloaded via the Five Lose Timmy website — click here

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