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Danish Children’s Theatre


a radio feature produced by Michael Shirrefs

On this week’s Artworks Feature, a trip to Denmark, the spiritual home of Children’s Theatre.


This country of only 5 million people supports almost 150 theatre companies devoted to children. It has the World’s largest Children’s Theatre Festival. And in this land of princes and princesses, one actress is affectionately referred to as the Queen of Children’s Theatre. Her name is Bodil Alling.


So Michael Shirrefs went to Copenhagen, in search of the Queen, and on the way he stopped off at a café, near a palace, to find out why the Danes have such a strong focus on children.

Listen to the program here …

ABC Radio NationalArtworks Feature: Danish Children's Theatre

Broadcast on Artworks, ABC RN, on 10-7-2011







Bodil Alling


Dirck Backer


Anne Middelboe Christensen





Michael Shirrefs, Producer




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