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a radio interview produced by Michael Shirrefs

On Books & Writing this week, Shantaram—an epic novel, based on what happened when Gregory David Roberts found that ‘doing time’ for armed robbery was too much. He fled Australia, fell into the arms of India and began a vast journey of body and soul.


Greg Roberts spoke to Michael Shirrefs about his love of Bombay, about his time living and working in the Bombay slums and about the chaos of Bollywood and the violent orderliness of the Mumbai ‘mafia’.


In Shantaram, Greg Roberts manages to deliver both a riveting tale of an extreme life, as well as a modern allegory of the universal search for clarity, all told against this boisterous and colourful backdrop of Indian splendour.

Listen to the program here …

Books & Writing - 'Shantaram'

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Author—Gregory David Roberts

Publisher—Pan Macmillan Australia






Guest—Gregory David Roberts


Interviewer—Michael Shirrefs


Host—Ramona Koval




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