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Why do we have cultural precincts?


a radio feature produced by Michael Shirrefs


Aerial view of Melbourne's Southbank arts precinct

It’s been 30 years since one of Australia’s first major post-war cultural buildings, the National Gallery of Victoria, gained a sympathetic neighbour—the Melbourne Concert Hall—which was built in 1982. This pairing of institutions marked the start of what was to become known as Melbourne’s arts precinct.


Three decades later, and the Concert Hall—now known as Hamer Hall—has had a makeover and this week marks the official opening of the new space. But why do cities love to plonk so many of their large cultural building in one area?

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Creative InstinctCultural Precincts

Broadcast on Creative Instinct, ABC RN, on 28-07-2012


Ian McDougall

Carrillo Gantner

Gustavo Ribeiro



Michael Shirrefs, Producer

John Jacobs, Sound Engineer

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