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Out there with MOFO

MONA FOMA is the wild child of arts festivals. It brings a rock festival edge to the arts, and an arts festival sense of play to music. Emerging from the mind of evil genius David Walsh, MONA FOMA (or MOFO) was created to see how far audiences could be pushed.

Danish Children’s Theatre a radio feature produced by Michael Shirrefs Artworks Feature—ABC RN—Sunday 30th October 2011 On this week's Artworks Feature, a trip to Denmark, the spiritual home of Children's Theatre.   This country of only 5 million people supports almost 150 theatre companies devoted to children. It has the World's largest Children's Theatre Festival. And in this [...]
Truganini : Bushranger

One of the most familiar names in the story of Australian colonisation is that of the Tasmanian Aboriginal woman ‘Truganini’. But for most people the story begins and ends with a single, very famous photo, along with a label describing her simply as the last of the full-blood Tasmanian Aborigines. This is a story that changes our whole understanding of this remarkable woman.

A Girl Made of Dust

Nathalie Abi-Ezzi spent the first eleven years of her life in a war-torn Lebanon, before her family moved to England in 1983. It’s these early years of her life that provide the impetus for her novel A Girl Made of Dust.

Ron McCoy’s Sea of Diamonds—a novel by Gregory Day

In Gregory’s latest novel, Ron McCoy’s Sea of Diamonds, the town of Mangowak has become a canvas on which he paints a large tale of small-town characters and all the undercurrents of their passions and fears. It’s a world where the threads of the past stitch together the lives of the present. And in this story, it’s through the characters of Ron McCoy and his mother Min that the community finds its social glue.


On Books & Writing this week, Shantaram—an epic novel, based on what happened when Gregory David Roberts found that ‘doing time’ for armed robbery was too much. He fled Australia, fell into the arms of India and began a vast journey of body and soul.

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